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Hard Copies 

Hard copies of documents referred to on this website are available by request from the school office.

Contact Details

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed is:

Mrs Tania Watts, Pytchley Endowed CofE Primary School, High Street, Pytchley, Kettering, NN14 1EN

Mrs Tessa Litchfield, SENCO

Data Protection Officer Angela Corbyn : .

Tel: 01536 790506

Email : 

Admission Arrangements

When there are more applications than there are places available, the governing body will prioritise applications according to its admission criteria, some of which relate to religious allegiance. If you wish your child to be considered under the religious criteria, please complete a SIFA form located in the side bar.

If you have applied and been refused a place at our Academy (in any year group), you are entitled to appeal against that decision.

Appeals for PDET academies are administered by The Diocese of Peterborough Education team. For more information on the process please see: https://www.peterborough-diocese.org.uk/parents/appeals

If you wish to appeal please contact the Appeals Administrator and ask for an appeals pack. Contact Alex Benoy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The pack includes some explanatory notes about the process of Admission Appeals and a Notice of Appeal form that, should you decide to proceed with an appeal, will need to be completed and returned by email if possible, but if not, to the Diocesan Office instead.

Timetable for appeals – September 2021 applications

Following the National Offer Day on 16 April 2021, the deadline for lodging an on-time appeal is 9:00am on 21 May 2021.

Proposed appeal hearing dates are during the weeks commencing 21 June and 28 June 2021.

Decision letters will be sent within five working days of the appeal hearing, subject to any unforeseen circumstances.


Key Stage 2 Results & School Performance Tables

An overview of our results can be found at the Department of Education website (follow the link on the side panel). Also, under Key Policies and Files, you will be able to download our most recent school published reports which show summaries of the National Curriculum assessment results of pupils in KS1 and KS2. These documents are published as soon as practically possible following the previous academic year end. For the academic year 2019-2020 there will be no published results due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

School Curriculum

The School operates a Creative Curriculum, which incorporates all the knowledge, skills and objectives of the National Curriculum, while also offering a carefully planned, thematic approach to teaching and learning. For example, recent work covered by ‘In Space, You Can’t Hear Me Scream’ included a special focus on topics including: the Solar System, space travel, the history of space, gravity and a trip to The Science Museum in London. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic it has been necessary to implement remote learning for most pupils. Please see our Remote Learning Policy information regarding this on our Policies & Documentspage.

Pupil Behaviour

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium money is provided through the Local Authority to support pupils from low income families who are eligible for Free School Meals and other target groups including Looked After Children and pupils of Forces employees.

Each year this funding is used to provide additional intervention programmes for children; this is delivered through teaching small groups, Intervention sessions with Class Teachers and Teaching Assistant support and help towards the funding of Educational Trips, Instrumental Lessons in school and After School Clubs. Children's progress is tracked to ensure that at least satisfactory progress is made for our target children, as we do for all children in our school.

The full funding allocation and expenditure can be seen in the Pupil Premiumm Action Plan on our Policies & Documentspage.

Sports Premium

PE and Sport Premium funding received by the school has enabled the children, through the Kettering Small Schools Sports Partnership to participate in numerous tournaments, including Athletics, Football, Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Tennis, Tri-Golf, Netball. 

Key Themes and Priorities:

• To provide high quality teaching and learning of PE and School Sport based on the fundamentals of movement.
• To ensure the school has a developmental PE curriculum that is progressive and fully underpinned by movement fundamentals.
• To use PE and School Sport as a vehicle to improve behaviour and engagement across school
• To increase the opportunities for children to develop leadership skills.
• To raise the profile of PE and School Sport.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (Inclusion)


The school aims to provide equal opportunities for all. There is access for wheelchair users from both the top of school to the lower level and from the playground to the lower part of school. A disabled toilet is available at the top of school.

Special Educational Needs

Whatever the ability of each pupil, the school seeks to provide a suitable teaching programme. Nationally, one fifth of all children may need special educational support at some point in their school career. Children with learning, social, emotional or behavioural problems are sympathetically helped by the staff in partnership with parents. In certain cases it may be felt that outside professional help is needed, which would be sought only with parents’ prior permission and co-operation.

A child who experiences SEN now has their progress carefully monitored by each Class Teacher and the school SEN co-ordinator. The Governor who is responsible for SEN monitors the school policy and its implementation.

Gifted and Talented

The School recognises and supports the needs of children identified as ‘Gifted and Talented’. The DCSF classification is "gifted and talented pupils are those pupils who achieve or have the ability to achieve at a level significantly in advance of their year group within their school."

Charging Policy

School Ethos and Values

At Pytchley Primary School, we are committed to quality in all areas of school life. We hold our Christian values close to our heart and these form the basis for our learning. As a school, we pride ourselves on our curriculum being progressive and engaging which develops pupils thirst for learning. We promote respect and open-mindedness towards others and encourages pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging through self-awareness and reflection. 

‘With God all things are possible.’ Matthew 19:26

Promoting Fundamental British Values


Details of our Governing Body is provided on our dedicated Governors page which you will find here. Information will show:

  • Governor’s name
  • The category of Governor to which they belong
  • Which body which appointed the Governor
  • The term of office of the Governor
  • The committee(s) upon which the Governor serves
  • Details of any position of responsibility which the Governor holds, for example Chair, Vice Chair, Chair of committee and so on
  • Details of the register of Governors’ interests.