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We have undertaken range of activities in Class 1 this week. In maths, we continued to learn about fractions and we used a range of practical objects to explore halving and quartering amounts. We have now looed at three books by the author Oliver Jeffers in our literacy lessons. We are able to discuss similarities between the stories and say which one we prefer and why.

Our geography lesson was an introduction to compass points and in science we had the opportunity to plant runner beans. We look forward to watching them grow!

We enjoyed our first lesson on spreadsheets in Computing too.

Lots of excellent learning has taken place this week.

Well done Class 1!

We have started a Maths unit on shape so we have been exploring 2d and 3d shapes by sorting them and exploring their properties. The children have finished the traditional tales topic in Literacy so this week we have had our Hot Write.

Children have planned their own version of The Three Little Pigs story and they have come up with some wonderful ideas. They then completed their own story independently. It is amazing to see the progress children have made with their writing since September and the confidence many now have to complete their writing on their own.

They are using their phonic knowledge really successfully to help them with their spelling. The children are continuing to enjoy using the apparatus during PE lessons. This week we looked at building sequences of movements and I was really impressed by the children's ideas and also how they were able to improve their sequences after listening to advice. Well done Year 1 and 2.

Class 1 have quickly settled back into school. We have started a new topic called “Our World” in Geography which the children have enjoyed, particularly exploring atlases and globes. They are trying to learn the names of the 7 continents.

We are using the story “Owl Babies” for our new Literacy unit. This week we have been completing lots of reading tasks about the book to ensure we know the story really well. We continue to work on addition and subtraction in Maths. A very busy first week where the children have produced some fabulous work.

We have started a new topic of Addition and Subtraction in Maths and also a new writing unit based on the book “Five Minutes Peace”. The children are working so hard to learn new skills and apply them in their work.

We have continued to find out about the Great Fire of London. This week we discovered about Samuel Pepys and the importance of his diary to future generations having an understanding of what happened in the fire. It really interested the children to find out about all of the things he buried in his garden!

The children also were very lucky to have a visit from the vicar during their RE lesson. They thought about Harvest and being thankful for the food they have.

Forest school on Wednesday next week, which is very exciting!

This week, Class 1 completed their first ‘Hot Write’ of the year and wrote a set of instructions independently. It was great to see the skills they’d learned over the past few weeks coming through in their writing. 

In Science the children enjoyed dressing up in Miss Curran’s clothes while exploring the topic ‘Materials and their Uses.’ We learned how materials are chosen for particular uses based on their properties and how they look. We particularly enjoyed finding out which materials would be unsuitable and why, such as wearing a thick, woolly jumper on a hot day. Phew!

We also continued our cooking classes and the children had a super time making pizza and fruit jellies. 

In Art, we continued to paint the houses for our ‘Great Fire of London’ street display and the children are looking forward to adding flames next week.

Thank you to all those who handed their homework books in by Tuesday, giving us time to mark and set the next task. We are very pleased with the work you have been doing at home, so well done and thank you. 

Miss Curran and Mrs Litchfield